Our experts


Medical Informatics:

Our experts in medical informatics have extensive knowledge in applications and implementations of IT systems in healthcare. They support our customers in the selection, implementation and maintenance of information systems as well as in the optimization of workflows in the clinical environment.


Our bioinformaticians have a deep understanding of biological data and work with advanced data analysis tools and methods to extract valuable insights from biological data.They assist our clients in the analysis of genomic, proteomic, and other biological data.

Data Science:

Our data scientists have a broad knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. They use advanced data analysis methods to identify patterns and trends in large data sets and provide valuable insights.

Software Development:

Our experienced software developers work with modern development technologies and methodologies to develop customized solutions for our clients. We develop custom software solutions for use in clinical environments, from medical devices to information systems.

Clinical Application Specialists:

Our Clinical Application Specialists have specialized training in anesthesia and critical care medicine. They support our customers in the application of medical technology, in training specialist staff and in identifying the need for new medical devices and applications.


Our company has a wide range of experts from various fields of medical and data sciences as well as nursing and care.

Health Care and Nursing:

Our team of healthcare and nursing professionals has a broad range of clinical nursing expertise. They assist our clients in caring for patients, implementing therapies and ensuring high quality patient care.

Geriatric Care and Nursing Assistants:

Our team of geriatric nurses and nursing assistants help our clients care for the elderly and those in need of long-term care. They have extensive knowledge in caring for the elderly and are able to address the individual needs of each patient.

Home Helpers:

Our team of home health aides assist our clients with everyday tasks. They assist the elderly and those in need of care with housework, meal preparation and other daily tasks.